Wall Street Journal

2 February 2015 Press
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apparition delisle world street journal

Delisle – Wall Street Journal, The Tasteful $114,000 Chandelier

Jean Delisle, invité de BFM

13 January 2015 Vidéos
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Jean Delisle chez BFM Business

Watch Jean-Delisle interview on BFM for the 120th anniversary of Maison Delisle

Maison Delisle in Télématin

22 March 2014 Vidéos
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Sylvie Adigard present the history and expertise of Maison Delisle on Télématin


7 October 2013 Publications
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Hors-série Connaissance des Arts

Numéro spécial du magazine Connaissance des Arts consacré à la Maison Delisle.  

Deux nouvelles collections

15 September 2013 Newsletters
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Lles collections mackintosh et jungle par delisle

Meet the new collection "Homage to Mackintosh" created by Jean-Michel Delisle.

Hotel Prince de Galles - Paris

27 June 2013 Newsletters
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créations delisle pour l’hôtel Princes de Galles

In collaboration with Pierre-Yves Rochon and Bruno Borrione Delisle has created chandeliers lanterns, consoles, floor lamps for the Hotel ...

Art Déco Prince de Galles

27 June 2013 Vidéos
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Delisle hôtel prince de Galles à Paris

In collaboration with PY Rochon, Delisle revisits the Art Deco for the Hotel Prince de Galles Paris.

Comment ça va bien

11 January 2013 Vidéos
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Isabelle tests for you: iron, bronze and light in Comment ça va bien

Nouvelles collections

10 January 2013 Newsletters
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lustres et horloges art déco

We are glad to present you this Art Deco chandelier made of forged and hammered iron created from one of our archives. Finishes are patinated yellow gold leaves and green and gold painted patinas.


10 December 2012 Vidéos
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Delisle, ferronnier d'art

Jean-Michel Delisle talks about ironwork professions as eternal gesture

Interview de Jean Delisle

9 December 2012 Vidéos
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Jean Delisle explique les métiers de bronzier

The ironwork and bronze worker careers seen by Jean Delisle

Les Echos, Série limitée

8 July 2012 Press
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Delisle, bronzier d'art made in France

Made in France, artisans d’art, nez, cuisiniers, joailliers, designers, stylistes, le meilleur de la french touch